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Anabolic-Steroids.net is an informational website about anabolic steroids, bodybuilding and other related body enhancing medicine. We strive to create the most comprehensive user-friendly site on steroids on the Internet.

Anabolic-Steroids.net will bring you new articles, steroid profiles and all kind of different info on subject of anabolics. We are aware that anabolic steroids are very controversial subject, but we belive in the freedom of speech and in the power of the Internet to inform our readers in this matter. We also belive that everybody has the right to know!

There are many sites on the internet dedicated to the exact same subject, however we feel that most information provided is simply to scientific for an average Joe to comprehend, and for many it is extremely hard to translate the scientific descriptions into a truly practical and applicable information. Searching throughout the internet it was really difficult for us to find an internet place that offered truly simply information. So we will try to provide just that, simple, easy to comprehend information, sort of Steroids-for-Dummies approach.

If you are a pro-builder with years of experience you will find this side very simple - but try to remember how it was for you when you were looking for the info for the first time. You might wanna help the newbs out by contributing your feedback, ideas...

We are aware that we don't know everything and as anybody that works is bound to mistakes we would like to ask everybody willing to contribute their experience and suggestion on each item the feel needs further explanations, examples, etc. If you feel there is something crucial missing, do let us know and we will add it.

However, note that this is not a Forum. We were discussing the possibility of a Forum for quite some time, but the problem with forums is that debates seldom follow any straight direction, people get of topic, hijack a thread, etc. If you prefer a forum there are many good ones out there in the cloud. If you want to add info, your feedback, remind us of an error, maybe even a question, you can simply do it in a form of a comment for each item of interest. Please make sure you place your comments with the correct item, and that your comments are constructive and helpful to others.

We hope you will find the info here useful.

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